Asano Shimai Project x Dawn of the Breakers

Event Period:11/21/2019 (Thu) - 12/26/2019 (Thu) UTC

The Asano sisters will make their
debut in Dawn of the Breakers!

About Asano Shimai Project

Asano Shimai Project is a ninja-themed<br>Virtual YouTuber dynamic sister duo.<br><br>The elder sister Ruri loves to sing and enjoys plays, while the younger sister Akane loves pudding and video games.

*Asano Shimai Project tweets are predominantly written in Japanese.<br>**The links above direct to third-party websites.

Exclusive Crossover Event

Play through the Crossover Event Scenario featuring<br>the Virtual YouTuber duo, the Asano sisters!

Ruri Asano,Akane Asano

Our story begins at a Japanese mansion that belongs to a certain Ninja clan.<br><br>On a day like any other, Ruri Asano goes to the family's live-streaming room at the same time as always, only to find that her younger sister Akane is nowhere to be seen.<br><br>Ruri waits and waits, but to no avail. It is only then that she discovers a mysterious letter...<br><br>What is written in this letter? And where is her sister, Akane?<br><br>Find out the answers to these questions and more when the event launches!<br>

The event begins on Thursday,<br>November 21st!


Upon finding Nori and Shy in the world of Dawn of the Breakers, Ruri and Akane returned to their daily life at the mansion.<br><br>Everything seemed to be back to normal, when one day, Ruri hears Akane scream after leaving their room to grab some pudding.<br><br>What could have possibly happened...? Find out when the event continues!<br>

The event continues on Thursday,<br>December 5th!

Exclusive Crossover Capsule

Claim the Asano sisters from the limited time<br>Asano Shimai Crossover Capsules!

Ruri Asano Akane Asano
Good morning!It is I, Ruri Asano!

Purity Incarnate

Ruri Asano

VA: Ruri Asano

Ruri is the eldest daughter of the Asano clan.<br>She loves to sing and enjoys plays.<br>She is not very good at difficult games.


<span>Ruri Asano Crossover Capsule</span>, available Nov. 21st!

'Mornin! Akane Asano here!

Asano Ninja<br>Family Prodigy

Akane Asano

VA: Akane Asano

Akane is the second daughter of the Asano family.<br>She loves playing video games and eating pudding.<br>She enjoys life at a leisurely pace.


<span>Akane Asano Crossover Capsule</span>, available Nov. 28th!

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