Cosmic Break x Dawn of the Breakers

Resha and Eris of Cosmic Break will debut in Dawn of the Breakers as part of a collaboration event!

Event Period : (UTC-8) 1/24/2019 (Thu) ~ 2/6/2019 (Wed)

Encounter Resha and Eris in Dawn of the Breakers!

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Event Cosmic Encounter: Light and Darkness

An event featuring Resha and Eris from Cosmic Break!

Resha and Eris Resha and Eris in game Resha Eris
On a day seemingly no different from any other, Nando Okome has found himself so enraptured in a game that he has made it his mission to fervently beg the Breakers to play the game with him.
Wise enough to recognize that Nando would stop at nothing to get them to play, the Breakers reluctantly appease the poor man and attempt to boot the game up.
However, the very moment that they try to do so, a dazzling light bursts out, and the computer screen remains perpetually blank with no signs of turning on again.
Unable to play, the Breakers settle on returning home.
On the way back, a report comes in that something――ostensibly not a Ghoul――has appeared in the city, prompting the Breakers to rush to the scene.
Much to their surprise, what they find there is none other than――
Event Period: Available (UTC-8) 1/24/2019 (Thu) until 2/6/2019 (Wed) maintenance.

Capsule Resha and Eris will be featured in the Cosmic Break Collab Capsule!

Resha Eris
Resha VA: Mari Kirimura:A saintly traveler who walks the path of benevolence. Her kind words and gentle demeanor saved Eris from the depths of despair.
Eris VA: Mai Ishihara:A young girl who possesses four obsidian-black wings and bears the markings of a blood curse. Shunned her entire life due to her unusual appearance, her recent travels with Resha have opened her eyes to the possibilties of the world.
Event Period: Available (UTC-8) 1/24/2019 (Thu) until 2/6/2019 (Wed) maintenance.