HimeHina Dance into battle!

HimeHina Dance into battle!

HIMEHINA×Dawn of the Breakers

Event Period (UTC-8) 2/22/2019 (Fri) ~ 3/7/2019 (Thu)

HimeHina will make their debut in Dawn of the Breakers!
Use both Hime and Hina to defeat your foes in battle!

Gameplay Video

HIMEHINA Official YouTube Channel

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About HimeHina

HimeHina are a pair of popular virtual YouTubers, featuring the tomboyish Hime Tanaka and the airheaded Hina Suzuki.
The dynamic duo can be found singing, dancing, and even providing game reviews on their frequently updated YouTube channel!

Exclusive Collaboration Event

Play through the <span>Hime</span><span>Hina</span> event scenario,
and acquire the dynamic duo along the way!

Hime Tanaka Hina Suzuki
Hime Tanaka (Bunny) / R Bunny Hime / Hao! I'm Hime Tanaka! Let's do our best together!
Hina Suzuki (Bunny) / R Bunny Hina / Hao! Name's Hina Suzuki! I hope we can get along!

Exclusive Collaboration Capsule

Claim <span>Hime</span> & <span>Hina</span> from the Exclusive Collab Capsule!

Hime Tanaka / SR Hime -Original-

VA: Hime Tanaka

<span>A brazen girl who shamelessly laughs at anything and everything.</span> <span>Birthplace unknown. Bears the same family crest as Hina.</span> <span>Having grown up an orphan, Hime's childhood was full of hardship. Fortunately, Tanaka Koumuten adopted her at a young age and raised her to be the ball of energy she is today.</span> <span>Now, her dream is to make her debut in anime through her ability to sing.</span> <span>She spends the bulk of her time managing the HimeHina Jojijoji Empire, in hopes of expanding it to glorious proportions.</span> <span>Known to be a chatterbox and goofball, she's unstoppable once she's on a roll, talking nonstop and falling into hysteric laughter in a vicious cycle. The end result is that she's left so out of breath that she's been forced to carry an oxygen tank around with her.</span>

Hina Suzuki / SR Hina -Original-

VA: Hina Suzuki

<span>A girl who fell from the sky.</span> <span>Birthplace unknown. Bears the same family crest as Hime.</span> <span>Her gentle demeanor and lush blonde hair give her an unquestionable air of elegance.</span> <span>Don't be fooled by her appearance however, as she's actually quite obsessed with anime and manga, and should by all accounts be considered an otaku of the highest order.</span> <span>Her dream is to enact the master plan she devised to make her anime debut with Hime. All it'll take is gaining more fans by continuing to sing, dance, and perform in videos, and in so doing expand the Jojijoji Empire's recognition around the world. Simple.</span>

HimeHina / SR HimeHina -Original-

VA: Hime Tanaka and Hina Suzuki

Hime & Hina have arrived in the Breakers' world?!

ss_himehina ss_hime ss_himehina

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<span>About  Dawn of the Breakers</span>

Dawn of the Breakers is an anime-inspired 3D action game.
Players will step into the shoes of a high school student in modern Japan, where mysterious creatures known as Ghouls wage war against mankind. Players will become a member of the superhero unit, the Breakers, and join the battle to stop the growing Ghoul menace once and for all!