Event Period:10/24/2019 (Thu) ~ 12/5/2019 (Thu) UTC

Tamaki Inuyama will debut
in Dawn of the Breakers!

About Tamaki Inuyama

A Virtual YouTuber who cross-dresses.<br>Tamaki Inuyama loves speaking with viewers, singing, and doing unusual projects!

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Exclusive Crossover Event

Play through the Crossover Event Scenario<br>featuring Virtual YouTuber Tamaki Inuyama!


Tamaki Inuyama relaxes peacefully at home on an uneventful day like any other. Being abundantly free, Tamaki decides to check who's streaming online. Much to Tamaki's surprise, who should be streaming but an exact doppleganger... nay, an imposter! Fearful of being flamed online as a result of the imposter's antics, Tamaki is unable to contain a strong urge to panic. Suddenly, a Voice From Above speaks out. Guided by the Voice to the world of the Breakers, Tamaki's adventure begins...<br>

The event begins on Thursday,<br>October 24th!


With Tamaki Inuyama's imposter defeated, the situation had been resolved at last... or so Tamaki thought, when she suddenly hears a voice calling out to her in her sleep.<br><br>Now awake, a notification on her phone alerts her to the presence of another imposter, this time attempting to hold a fan event.<br><br>Tired but determined, Tamaki rises once more to stop the wild machinations of an imposter...

The event begins on Thursday,<br>November 7th!

Exclusive Crossover Capsule

Claim Tamaki Inuyama from the limited time<br>Tamaki Inuyama Crossover Capsule!

Cross-Dressing<br>Virtual YouTuber Cross-Dressing<br>Maid

Cross-Dressing<br>Virtual YouTuber

Tamaki Inuyama

VA: Tamaki Inuyama

A Virtual YouTuber who cross-dresses.<br>Tamaki Inuyama loves speaking with viewers, singing, and doing unusual projects!


<span>Tamaki Inuyama Crossover Capsule</span>, available Oct. 24th!



Tamaki Inuyama

VA: Tamaki Inuyama

A maid capable of handling any task.<br>Of particular note is this maid's exemplary cooking skills.


<span>Tamaki Inuyama Crossover Capsule II</span>, available Oct. 31st!

Limited Time Skins

Use the Skin System to change<br>Tamaki Inuyama's outfit!

Tamaki Inuyama Cross-Dressing<br>Virtual YouTuber Tamaki Inuyama Cross-Dressing<br>Maid


Dawn of the Breakers Intro Video<br>Tamaki Inuyama [Cross-Dressing Maid]

[Dawn of the Breakers] Voice Acting Debut<br>in a Video Game?!<br>Playing Until I Acquire Tamaki Inuyama.<br>[Tamaki Inuyama/Cross-Dressing VTuber]

Dawn of the Breakers Intro Video<br>Tamaki Inuyama

<span>About  Dawn of the Breakers</span>

Dawn of the Breakers is an anime-inspired 3D action game.
Players will step into the shoes of a high school student in modern Japan, where mysterious creatures known as Ghouls wage war against mankind. Players will become a member of the superhero unit, the Breakers, and join the battle to stop the growing Ghoul menace once and for all!