Nijisanji x Dawn of the Breakers

Event Period:3/5/2020 (Thu) - 4/30/2020 (Thu) UTC


Nijisanji VTubers will make their
debut in Dawn of the Breakers!

About Nijisanji

A Virtual Streamer group that focuses on streaming live to viewers on platforms like YouTube. There are currently about 100 members affiliated with the group. Each member has their own unique quirks, and thanks to the diversity in personalities and avatar designs, the group is able to reach a wide and varied audience.

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Exclusive Crossover Event

Play through the Crossover Event Scenario<br>featuring Nijisanji's Virtual YouTubers!

Himawari Honma

'Today was another wonderful day!<br>Now then, just need to take care<br>of a few things before bed―'<br><br>Himawari Honma falls asleep after a long day of playing, but to her great surprise, she wakes up to find herself outside...<br><br>Assuming it's all a dream, she sets off to explore her surroundings...

The event begins on Thursday,<br>March 5th!


With Dola and Kizuku Yashiro's arrival, Dokuzuhonsha has assembled in the world of the Breakers at last!<br><br>The group decides to follow Dola and Kizuku, who have found a way to return home.<br><br>However, along the way, the group is attacked by a massive swarm of Ghouls...<br><br>Will all four members of Dokuzuhonsha be able to return to their world safely?

Find out this Thursday, March 19th!

Exclusive Crossover Capsule

Claim Himawari and Kuzuha from the limited time<br>Himawari Honma & Kuzuha Crossover Capsule!

Capsule I

Himawari Honma Kuzuha
I'm Hima, and I'm here to help!

Ferocious Yellow Beast

Himawari Honma

VA: Himawari Honma

A high school sophomore who loves cats and video games. Desiring to have more friends, she decided to become a streamer. Himawari normally has a bright and cheerful attitude, and though she can act like quite the airhead at times, she displays an entirely different side when she plays video games...! <br><br>For some unknown reason, she always has a sunflower adorned in her hair, and uses the very same sunflower for fortune telling when something bad happens to her.


<span>Himawari Honma & Kuzuha Crossover Capsule, </span> available Mar.5th!

Now, what to do today...

Mad Dog


VA: Kuzuha

An unemployed vampire gamer who continues to suck his parents dry of everything they have to this very day. He currently lives with his pet pig who takes care of him. Contrary to his mature appearance, he's actually quite moody, extremely selfish, and absolutely childish. Not to mention the fact that he has a bad habit of getting cocky too easily.<br><br>To make matters worse, he has an obsession with money and craftily devises ways to earn himself a quick buck. He truly is an irredeemable vampire.


<span>Himawari Honma & Kuzuha Crossover Capsule, </span> available Mar.5th!

Capsule II

I'll take care of everything, honey

Scarlet Keeper



A 352 year old Fire Drake assuming a human form.<br>Dola was the keeper of a mysterious treasure deep down in the depths of a certain cave, until she one day opened the treasure and found modern technology within it.


<span>Dola & Kizuku Yashiro Crossover Capsule, </span>available Mar. 19th!

Name's Kizuku Yashiro.I'm... just an otaku.

Sleepless Slave

Kizuku Yashiro

VA.Kizuku Yashiro

A talented 28 year old programmer working in the IT industry.Kizuku Yashiro is a humble and kind individual, easily influenced by the opinions of those around him. His manner of speaking leads others to believe that he's constantly tired. He works almost non-stop, taking only 35 hours a week to rest.


<span>Dola & Kizuku Yashiro Crossover Capsule, </span>available Mar. 19th!

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<span>About  Dawn of the Breakers</span>

Dawn of the Breakers is an anime-inspired 3D action game.
Players will step into the shoes of a high school student in modern Japan, where mysterious creatures known as Ghouls wage war against mankind. Players will become a member of the superhero unit, the Breakers, and join the battle to stop the growing Ghoul menace once and for all!