Roboco san x Dawn of the Breakers

Roboco san x Dawn of the Breakers

Event Period:(UTC-7) 4/4 (Thu) until 5/29 (Wed)

hololive's Virtual YouTubers will
debut in Dawn of the Breakers!

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About hololive's Roboco san

A neglected robot isolated in a vast wasteland,
Roboco san spends the bulk of her time having fun interacting with people around the world as a virtual YouTuber.

Exclusive Crossover Event

Play through the Crossover Event scenario featuring hololive virtual YouTubers!

Will Roboco san be able to prevent the other members from causing havoc?

Roboco san has made her way into a new virtual world.
Shortly after her arrival, she notices that Choco Yuzuki has uploaded a new video.

“And now, today's news...<br>
It seems that a championship to determine the most scandalous thing one can do before getting banned will be held!<br>It will be called... the Ultimate Delinquent Game of Chicken Championship!”

“Wait, what?! I haven't heard anything about this!”

Roboco san decides to take it upon herself to stop the other hololive members from doing something they would surely regret... she has some spare time, after all.<br>
The question remains, will Roboco san truly be able to prevent the other members from wreaking havoc?


After a short break, Roboco san and co. are ready to continue their search. In the midst of pleading with everyone to retrieve her body, Subaru is asked why she was afraid when she saw Roboco san earlier. <br>
As it turns out, it appears that the most unlikely individual of all is the perpetrator who turned Subaru into a duck; Roboco san herself!
Upon the wake of this revelation, Roboco san notices that a new Hololive News broadcast is being aired.<br>
The next target for a devious scandal is revealed to be an entire building.
Knowing that time is limited, the group sets off immediately to prevent a potential disaster from happening...

Exclusive Crossover Capsule

Capsule I

Claim Roboco san and her allies from the
limited time <b>hololive Crossover Capsule!</b>

Roboco san Fubuki Shirakami
I'm Roboco, the Super Advanced Robot! Hm? What's so advanced about me? Er, I guess how cute I am?
Roboco san / SR Cutting-edge Robot / Fortune Orange

VA:Roboco san

  • Voice 1
  • Voice 2
  • Voice 3

Roboco san stumbles upon a new virtual world by chance after investigating a strange anomaly.
Using her inherent 'cutting edge', super advanced capabilities, she defeats powerful foes and marches forward with a never-give-up attitude forged by her livestreaming experience.

I am NOT a cat! I'm a fox!
Fubuki Shirakami / SR Hololive Gamer / Vita White

VA:Fubuki Shirakami

  • Voice 1
  • Voice 2
  • Voice 3

Summoned to a new virtual world, Fubuki Shirakami wields her enormous '10-ton Oruyanke Hammer' and excels in close-range combat.
Something appears to be amiss however, as for some reason, she has decided to attack Roboco san!

Capsule II

Roboco san Aqua Minato
Calling on all Robosa! Please, lend me your strength!
Roboco san / SR Ultimate Roboco / Fate blue

VA:Roboco san

  • Voice 1
  • Voice 2
  • Voice 3

With captivating looks and unquestionable charm, the bespectacled Virtual YouTuber Roboco san is ready to unleash her maximum output today!

I'm Aqua Minato, Hololive's most humble and beautiful member!
Aqua Minato / SR Hololive Resistance / Terra Aqua

VA:Aqua Minato

  • Voice 1
  • Voice 2
  • Voice 3

A Virtual Maid YouTuber dressed in a unique 'Marine Maid' outfit, dedicated to her master.
She strives to perform all of her tasks to perfection, but being a bit of a scatterbrain, she's actually quite clumsy...

<span>About  Dawn of the Breakers</span>

Dawn of the Breakers is an anime-inspired 3D action game.
Players will step into the shoes of a high school student in modern Japan, where mysterious creatures known as Ghouls wage war against mankind. Players will become a member of the superhero unit, the Breakers, and join the battle to stop the growing Ghoul menace once and for all!