hololive x Dawn of the Breakers

Event Period: 9/12/2019 (Thu) ~ 10/31/2019 (Thu) UTC

hololive's Virtual YouTubers are back
for more, in Dawn of the Breakers!

About hololive's Subaru Oozora

Subaru manages a mixed martial arts club in addition to an eSports club. With her tomboyish attitude and cheerful, free spirit, she has no has no trouble getting along with anyone she meets. She's currently spending most of her time refining her gaming skills.

*Subaru Oozora's tweets are predominantly written in Japanese.<br>**The links above direct to a third-party site.

About hololive

Exciting fans around the world with unique Japanese characters!

hololive is a Virtual YouTuber idol group created by Cover Corp that focuses on producing livestreams on platforms like YouTube and bilibili.<br><br>Unlike other 2D idol groups, fans can cheer their favorite idols on in real time during livestreams, and interact with them further on Twitter.<br><br>With such innovations, hololive is truly a next generation 2D idol group.

Exclusive Crossover Event

Play through the Crossover Event Scenario
featuring hololive's Virtual YouTubers!


Last time, after defeating the fearsome Ebitaur and restoring Mio Ookami's memory, the team temporarily put the search for Subaru's body on hold and instead decided to visit a hot springs resort to rest up.<br><br>The extended wait has only caused Subaru's patience to diminish and her eagerness to soar however, with exclamations like 'This time, THIS TIME, I'm gonna get my body back!' becoming a common occurrence.<br><br>Only time will tell if things will go so smoothly for Subaru...

The event begins on Thursday,<br>September 12th!


After gaining another member in Subaru's imposter, the group heads toward the shrine on the beach to see the rumored beautiful miko shrine maiden.<br><br>As suspected, the miko turns out to be none other than Miko Sakura.<br><br>Upon explaining the current situation, they fully expect Miko to be happy to join, but will gaining her aid truly be that simple?

The event begins on Thursday,<br>September 19th!

Exclusive Crossover Capsule

Claim hololive members from the
limited time hololive Crossover Capsule!

Capsule Ⅴ

Subaru Oozora Miko Sakura
Finally.......... I'm finally back!!!!!!!!

Super Sports Star<br>Manager Subaru

Subaru Oozora

VA: Subaru Oozora

Subaru is the most cheerful sports manager you'll ever meet.<br>With her tomboyish attitude and open-minded spirit, she has no has no trouble getting along with anyone she meets.<br>She's currently spending most of her time refining her gaming skills.


<span>hololive Crossover Capsule V</span>, available from Sept. 12th!

Meowello! I'm Miko Sakura, the Elite Miko!

Elite Miko

Miko Sakura

VA: Miko Sakura

A member of hololive also known as the virtual Elite Miko.<br>Miko's dream is to become an amazing idol who can move people with her music.<br><br>


<span>hololive Crossover Capsule V</span>, available from Sept. 12th!

Capsule Ⅵ

Ohanakiri! I, Ayame Nakiri, have arrived!

Spirit Realm Student<br> Council Leader

Ayame Nakiri

VA:Ayame Nakiri

A female oni dressed in kimono, currently enrolled at a school in the Spirit Realm. Ayame loves to cause mischief by hurling onibi at random individuals and then teasing them as they squirm in fear. Yes, despite these... quirks, she is indeed the student council leader.


<span>hololive Crossover Capsule VI</span>, available from Sept. 19th!

Oharouge! I'm Haato Akai, and I order you to follow me.

School Girl Studying <br>Abroad in Australia

Haato Akai

VA:Haato Akai

Currently studying abroad in Australia, Haato is quite the cheeky kōhai. Though she may appear stuck-up upon initial impression, she heavily depends on those she becomes close with, sometimes to the point of behaving like a spoiled child. She loves red ribbons and hearts, and can always be found with some combination of them on her clothing.


<span>hololive Crossover Capsule VI</span>, available from Sept. 19th!

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<span>About  Dawn of the Breakers</span>

Dawn of the Breakers is an anime-inspired 3D action game.
Players will step into the shoes of a high school student in modern Japan, where mysterious creatures known as Ghouls wage war against mankind. Players will become a member of the superhero unit, the Breakers, and join the battle to stop the growing Ghoul menace once and for all!